South Dakota Conference
United Church of Christ


 A series of five new videos have been produced that will help explain the Tri-Conference One Staff Proposal that will be acted upon by our Annual Meeting.  The videos are short, ranging from 2 to 10 minutes.  They have been developed with an eye toward helping our average church members (those who do not regularly attend conference or association meetings) better understand what the Proposal is about.  As a matter of fact, they have been developed in such a way that if the Conference Annual Meeting approves enacting the Proposal the videos can still be used by churches throughout the year to help explain what we are moving toward.  We believe that the videos help to explain not only the benefits of the Tri-Conference One Staff Proposal for the South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa Conferences, but also for the benefits for all our constituent churches.

Tri-Conference Cooperation: An Overview of the Proposal for the One Staff Model

Tri-Conference Cooperation: Process and Proposal of the Task Force
Tri-Conference Cooperation: Why Change to a One Staff Model

Tri-Conference Cooperation: Calling an Executive Conference Minister
Tri-Conference Cooperation: An Opportunity for Innovation