Page 9 - 2017 full annual meeting report
P. 9

Standing Rules for the Annual Meeting

                          7.  Debate on resolutions, budgets or pronouncements shall be limited to thirty
                              minutes.  Debate on amendments per resolution, pronouncement or budget shall
                              be limited to twenty minutes.  Speakers will be allowed two minutes apiece.
                              Attempts shall be made by the Moderator to alternate between pro and con.  Each
                              speaker shall state their name and where they are from.
                          8.   A person making a floor nomination of a candidate for election shall provide
                              evidence of the nominee’s knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the office
                              for which that person is being nominated, and verification of the consent of that
                              nominee to serve in that office if elected.  Such floor nominations must be made
                              during the first plenary session of the Annual Meeting, to allow time for ballot
                          9.  These Standing Rules shall be originally adopted as a group by two-thirds vote.
                              Thereafter any rule(s) may be amended or rescinded by a two-thirds vote.

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