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                                   ANNUAL MEETING OF THE SOUTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE UCC

                   Parliamentary procedure is an accepted set of rules to help maintain order, insure justice and
                   equality, expedite business, and accomplish objectives.  To accomplish these ends, the following
                   basic rules have been adopted; most are based upon provisions of the By-laws of the

                          1.   Meetings of the Conference shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules
                              of Order where not inconsistent with the By-laws (By-laws, Article III, paragraph 6).
                              All delegates are expected to be in their seats and ready for business at the time
                              designated.  Promptness at sessions of the annual Meeting is essential.
                          2.  At any meeting of the Conference, a quorum shall consist of one voting delegate
                              from not less than twenty-five percent (25%) of the member churches.  (By-laws,
                              Article III, paragraph 4).
                          3.  Voting, when requested, shall be by the showing of delegate cards.  Ordained
                              Ministers and Commissioned Ministers, and Licensed Ministers who are members of
                              a local church in this Conference, who are in good standing in the Conference, and
                              Lay Delegates selected by and representing local churches of the Conference, and
                              such other persons as the By-laws shall provide, shall be furnished a delegate card
                              upon registration at the host church. (By-laws, Article II).
                          4.  The Board of Directors shall act as the Business Committee for all business meetings
                              and decide what shall come before the body, unless the Conference by special
                              action shall vote otherwise.  Any voting member of the Conference may introduce
                              items of business (but see Standing Rule 5), but all business not previously
                              submitted shall be referred to this committee, to be reported on before final
                              adjournment (By-laws, Article IV, Board of Directors, fourth paragraph).
                          5.  Resolutions and other items of business to be introduced from Associations,
                              churches, or delegates for consideration at an Annual Meeting shall be sent to the
                              Conference Minister at least sixty days prior to the meeting, so that advance copies
                              may be printed in the Annual Meeting Program Booklet. Other timely business may
                              be introduced by title only as late as the first plenary session of the Annual Meeting,
                              and printed copies of such business will be distributed to delegates at the Meeting
                              as soon as possible, and before action is taken on the recommendation of the
                              Business Committee (see Standing Rule 4).
                          6.  Main motions, not in distributed printed material, and substantive amendments
                              shall be presented to the Chair in writing, signed by the maker and seconder.  Only
                              voting delegates may make motions.

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