South Dakota Conference 
United Church of Christ

General Synod of United Church of Christ
June 30 - July 4, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland
Two Key Way to Keep Track of What is Happening at General Synod:
     1) Watch the General Synod Live Feed During Plenaries and 
2) Look for Updates from the South Dakota Conference delegation on our Facebook page

 Placerville Camp Schedule
Statement of Witness
The following Statement of Witness was prepared by the conference staffs of the seven Conferences of the West Central Region of the United Church of Christ (Missouri Mid-South, Kansas-Oklhoma, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Northern Plains).   
A Statement of Witness from the Staffs of the Conferences
of the West Central Region of the United Church of Christ
November 2, 2016
Provoked by the Holy Spirit, we bear witness to the congregations, communities, and pastors of the Conferences of the West Central Region of the United Church of Christ:
  • God calls us to lean in, look hard, and pay close, prayerful, purposeful attention to the devastation caused by White Privilege in America. 
  • It is the responsibility of white people to do this leaning, hard looking, and close attending.  It is the responsibility of white people to raise and name terrible truths, trusting God who lovingly convicts and redeems. 
  • We refuse the vision of shallow, fragile tolerance among muted peoples.  We watch for the way to reparation as a prelude to reconciliation.  We pray and work for the day when every racial uniqueness is passionately celebrated as a reflection of the face of God.
  • We honor the sovereignty of First Nation peoples. We stand, speak, and act in solidarity with the people of God whose holy ground is called Standing Rock Reservation.  We move at their invitation, grateful for their leadership, with offerings of prayer, provision, and presence. 
We are more fully the people God calls us to be when we are together - learning together, working together, moving together.
  • A black and white print copy of this newsletter (clearly without videos or hyperlinks) that can be easily reproduced  by churches should be available in the next couple days.  Please contact Karen Peters at if you would like a copy emailed to you.
Conference Calendar
June 2 - Board of Directors Meeting (for both the current Board and to be elected Board)
June 2-4 - South Dakota Conference Annual Meeting
June 5 & 6 - Conference Office Closed
June 7 - Executive Committee Zoom Meeting
June 9-11 - Dakota Association Annual Meeting
June 30 - July 4 - UCC General Synod 31
Pastoral Care

Our prayers are with Kristi McLaughlin who was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia.

Our prayers are with Walt Geiszlerr who is continuing to face medical concerns

Our prayers are with David Bambas as he faces medical concerns.

Our prayers are will Pauline Webb and her husband, Gene.  They are in Houston with family while Gene recovers from surgery.

We celebrate with and offer prayers for the family of Lorah Houser-Jankord.  Lorah and her husband, Rich, are expecting their first granddaughter to be born on May 17th to parents Brad and Anna.  Our prayers focus on the anticipation that the newborn will need surgery quickly after her birth.

Our prayers are with the family and friends of Ray Schatz (former South Dakota Conference Interim Conference Minister) as they gather for a memorial service to celebrate Ray's life on May 13th at 11 a.m. at Placerville Camp.

Pastoral/Ecclesial Transitions
Our best wishes and prayers are with these pastors as they make changes in their ministry. 

Elaine Miller concluded her time serving as the Interim Associate Pastor as First Congregational Church UCC in Sioux Falls at the end of April.

Martell Spagnolo has began his tenure as Senior Pastor at the First Congregational Church UCC in Sioux Falls on May 1st.

Wade Schemmel has been called to serve as pastor of the Winfred Congregational United Church of Christ.

First Congregational United Church of Christ in Pierre has called Emily Munger to be theirnew pastor.  Emily will begin her tenure on August 1st.

Molly Carlson was been called to be the Designated-term Conference Minister for the Central Pacific Conference.  Molly will conclude her pastorate at Yankton UCC in July.  Michael Carlson (who will be moving with his wife and family) will conclude his tenure as Interim Pastor at Springfield United Church of Christ, Congregational, at the end of June.  



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