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Ecumenical Media Resource

May, 2017 ( printable pdf. here)

The Ecumenical Media Resource Center has provided excellent educational resources to our UCC and PCUSA churches for many years.  We regret to tell you that the resource center will be closing at the end of this 2017 calendar year, due to the upcoming merger of the South Dakota Conference with Iowa and Nebraska, as well as declining funds from the judicatories and declining use by the churches as online resources become increasingly available. 

But there is good news!  You are invited to request your favorite resources from the center, because we need to give away all the resources—including DVD’s, curriculum, books and more.  We are excited to put these resources into the hands of those of you who will use them.  You can see the full list of resources available to you at

In order to expedite this process, the following procedures will be implemented:

June:               Announcement of dispersal of the resources and closure of the Center to be presented at each of the Judicatory June meetings.

July:                 Requests from churches for media resources at the Center (churches may send in a list of each resource they would like to have for their church; churches which have paid the yearly fee for 2016 and 2017 would get preference when more than one church requests the same materials) Lists and descriptions of all media resources in the Center can be found on the Center’s website:

August:           Recipients of resources will be determined.  Resources will be sent or arranged for pick-up.

September:     Fall newsletter / web news articles will list the churches and resources they received so that other churches in their area might borrow if needed.

Board will confer to make decisions on any remaining resources, as well as office equipment and supplies.

October, November & December:  Board secretary/treasurer will pay all bills due and determine the pro-rata amount in remaining funds for each Judicatory. Checks for those amounts will be issued to each Judicatory. All accounts to be closed by year end.

Board Members:

Judy Rops (PCUSA), Ann Smith (PCUSA)

 Rose Trenbeath (NPCUCC) 

Walt Geiszler (SDUCC), Fawn Lamb (SDUCC), Marcia Sietstra (SDUCC) 

Administrator: Carmen Gill

Carmen Gill, Administrator Media Resource Center 
3500 S. Phillips Ave. Suite 100,
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

The Media Resource Center is funded by the South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Presbytery of South Dakota, and the Northern Plains Conference of the United Church of Christ. Individual churches pay a small yearly fee in order to borrow resources