South Dakota Conference - United Church of Christ

Our Wider Church Mission

Neighbors in Need

Neighbors in Need is one of four special offerings (along with One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, and the Christmas Fund) received in the United Church of Christ each year. For information on all four offerings, go to

It is important in South Dakota though to give special emphasis to Neighbors in Need. This special offering received on World Wide Communion Sunday (the first Sunday in October) supports mission work within the United States. One third of this offering goes to CAIM (the Council for American Indian Ministries). Of the 22 CAIM churches in the United Church of Christ 13 churches are in the Dakota Association. This is the life blood of the Dakota Association. Each year for the past several years support for NIN has been declining which means that all the native churches including the Dakota Association are receiving less and less support. Let us support this offering generously.

Our Churches Wider Mission

Thank you for your support of OCWM (Our Churches Wider Mission). Your gifts do make a difference in the life of the whole church.

OCWM is the life blood of the United Church of Christ. It supports the mission of the church around the world and here in South Dakota. But mission to others is only one part of OCWM. It also provides resources for our congregations Christian education, evangelism, stewardship, church growth, music, spiritual renewal, camping, and youth ministries. The entire placement process is underwritten by your gifts to OCWM.

The chart below lists the OCWM gifts of each church for last year and how you are doing so far this year. Our churches are very generous. This is a time to say thank you for your generosity in the past and for your continued generosity. May this work that we do together be pleasing to God.